Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability in an IT security network keeps growing because several servers, NEW Technologies which can easily assessing your network data…… Security vulnerabilities are constantly evolving as attackers find new points of weakness to enter IT environments.

The explosion of mobile devices of all types - laptop, tablet and smartphone - have multiplied the attack surfaces available to cyber criminals. It's becoming increasingly easy to move large amounts of information virtually undetected with USB thumb drives and email. This is the reason why organizations must strengthen their security networks in every possible way to avoid any kind of unauthenticated use. Network vulnerability assessment can be of great help in such scenarios as it helps in identifying the root cause and at the same time, finds a proactive solution to the problem.

Cyberroot International

CyberRoot International Ltd is a cyber security consulting and IT firms in Nigeria specializes in Information and intelligence gathering, managed cyber security services, strategic IT consulting, cyber awareness training provider, and secure product and services such as clients’ devices and systems against all kinds of malware, including zero-hour malware, spyware, and ransomware.


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