These days penetration testing is imperative for every company to protect its valuable data, credibility and quality services.

Cyber security breaches and violations have become a sequence of actions that are regularly followed globally by malicious users. Yet, many organizations pay no attention towards cyber threat detection. Cyber security infringement and disclosures can cost a lot to organizations or companies. It can also hamper their reputation in the market.

Penetration testing is an approach to understand and evaluate your possible vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. This ensures safeguarding your valuable information, database, application, devices and intellectual property through cyber security penetration testing. With different tools and network security penetration testing, you can benefit your organization in reducing the possibilities of any cyber threat or attack by a malicious user.

Cyberroot International

CyberRoot International Ltd is a cyber security consulting and IT firms in Nigeria specializes in Information and intelligence gathering, managed cyber security services, strategic IT consulting, cyber awareness training provider, and secure product and services such as clients’ devices and systems against all kinds of malware, including zero-hour malware, spyware, and ransomware.


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